i live in a literal perpetual hell and its just 2 much so i dont care anymore….. its odd to think that i dont care about anything anymore and whether i live or die is literally meaningless to me 

UGH FUCK i cant write dammit im fucking done the one thing i ever want to do i cant do anymore im done with this

i guess im gonna try writing something maybe hopefully but its probably gonna suck oh well 

aww dammit

if ur wondering where i been (tho I dont think any1 was) i ended up in the hospital AGAIN im so tired of going there so i think this next time im going to use a foolproof method because now its predictable

well maybe i’ll stay 

but not for long 



i just saw the winter soldier 

i promised myself id stay alive long enough 2 see it

so now im kind of like………………………….. ya