now that ive written something i want to write more but i cant :[

still cant believe i actually wrote something, i mean its terrible but i still wrote it 

i guess the good part about coming home is seeing that i had a fully finished fic waiting to publish

SteveTony - How It Happened

omg this is the first thing ive written in so long so bear with me 

this is for iwritestony bc she wrong me a lovely fic that made me feel better so heres this 4 her :)


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its so frustrating bc every time this happens i have to awkwardly be like “hey so ya” 

auuuughhhh fukkkkkk

i wish i could enunciate how much i wish i didnt delete but yknow…i mean i didnt think i was gonna need a blog bc i didnt think id have survived and now i have and thats rather unfortunate


i used 2 have friends now im like… ughhh

i have 12 drafts and theyre all unfinished fics that arent gonna b finished 

Steve/Tony - Firefighter!AU Drabble (NSFW)


so this happened

and then i saw this

and then all of this happened

and (started from the bottom) now we’re here

there’s bottom!steve as well as firefighter!steve and they do naughty things in a firetruck that i dont know if one would be able to do in a firetruck but 

here goes


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