i know people always post things like this and its probably getting kind of annoying but id love it if you guys sent me prompts. any prompts. at all.

SteveTony - In the Shower


tiles > ? ? > ? ?

based off this post

basically tony blows steve in the shower, and steve does something… generous…

this has probably been done before but here’s this


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i think ill just delete my blog again since i keep getting really close to it finally being over and every time i come back and realize no one cares about me so yeah im probably gonna delete my blog since the next time i decide to try and end it im gonna make sure its impossible for me to survive im tired of surviving because its all just dark and hell and im done with living because im useless anyway so

now that ive written something i want to write more but i cant :[

still cant believe i actually wrote something, i mean its terrible but i still wrote it 

i guess the good part about coming home is seeing that i had a fully finished fic waiting to publish

SteveTony - How It Happened

omg this is the first thing ive written in so long so bear with me 

this is for iwritestony bc she wrong me a lovely fic that made me feel better so heres this 4 her :)


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its so frustrating bc every time this happens i have to awkwardly be like “hey so ya” 

auuuughhhh fukkkkkk

i wish i could enunciate how much i wish i didnt delete but yknow…i mean i didnt think i was gonna need a blog bc i didnt think id have survived and now i have and thats rather unfortunate